Make Your Day with Chiefs Fortune

Hi friends! I am here to share a review about a game named as ‘Chiefs Fortune’. I hope that you all will familiar with this sport. As the modern gambling groom new and more attractive games are introduced. This modern revolution gives us a new approach of gaming by this kind of amusement. I was fond of facing challenges since my childhood. I think that you will be agreeing with me that modern technology is chief and major element of growth. The colorful pokies attract more youth towards this sport.

So my stories begin with some additional outer factors, my cousin. He is one of the reason by which I started playing. Now I am very thankful to him and the others to whom I advised it to play also gave me the same response. It was my first game in which I won jackpot, before it I tried lot of events but I lost. This event leads me to new confidence level that I can tell to other.

Basically it is microgaming poky, (developed by wellknown company) that designed on basic theme of American Indians. I think that can be understood by a history learner well. But it is not required for play and tries this. It includes many single play lines in which you can match same symbol that can give you more money. It also contain bonus feature in which a player make the wagers with coins. It will give you more winning chances than the others events. The highest award of this game is up to $600. I won this money too.

So my experience with this event is quite good and satisfactory. And hope the same for you.

At last I just like mention that try it at least one time, win the real money and share your reviews to all.


Good to Go With Good to Go Slot

It was last Friday night and I had nothing productive to do at home. And my wife and kids were also not at home I was getting real bored then. I switched on the TV grabbed some beer from the fridge but there was nothing good on TV as well. Eventually I gave up and tried to sleep but the thing didn’t go right this way too.

Eventually, I called this friend of mine, who is kind of a pokie but I had no other option so I called him. I don’t really like him as he is kind of a lousy guy, although he is over 40 but still unmarried. Anyways he came and we had some lousy talk and shared the healthy beer. Then somehow we came to talk about these online casino slots and he advised to play the same as we both were getting bored now.

And as I had no better option so he convinced me pretty easily as well. And we played this online casino slot game called good to go. It seems he handpicked the slot game as it goes perfectly right with the situation. As I was kind of hesitant to try the gambling but eventually we did.

He told me that this particular slot is a five-reel, nine-pay line pokie that can be found easily at top online casinos and is based on the F- 1 racing theme. When I heard the name of racing I became interested in this and grabbed the android phone from his hand and asked him to show me the game thoroughly and he did the same he told me about the pay table rules and how to play and win on these online casino slots. Over all it was really a nice experience and I would love to play it aging if got the chance.


Gonzo’s Quest Slot Offering Free Bonuses

Well, I don’t really know that you have heard about this famous brilliant mind, who was an Iberian conquistadors of the sixteenth century namely Gonzalo Pizarro. And It was only him on which the very famous quiz name has been named called gonzo’s quest.

Being good in academics, I have always ,had this interest of playing various types of quiz as well and I used to play them on state level as well sometimes and have certainly won some prizes as well. And even when it came to playing online casino slot for the first time I also picked the poker machine that is based on same theme.

And the name of the theme is the same and it is called the gonzo’s quest. When I played this poker machine, the first thing that came in to my mind was is its quirky Avalanche reels. And apart from this, it also features twenty pay lines, but it acts more like a 243 ways pokie because the player is not allowed to pick and choose individual betting lines.

Since the pokie really tempted me so I decided to manage the free spins of it and have a free play in order to get savvy with the slot before putting the real into it. So I played it online with my android mobile phone. And I came to know that my experience of being good at quizzes came little handy here as well. Later I tried the slot with no deposit bonus but with the paid credits as well. And this really was the best thing about the pokie that I didn’t have to make the deposit while playing it. And to conclude my experience I must say that it was really wonderful and I would love to play it again.


Gladiator: The Swordsman

Gladiator is certainly the best periodic movie I have ever seen. I mean there is really hard to find any flaw in this masterpiece whether it comes about the cast, screenplay, soundtrack, lyrics, dialogues or others. The whole thing about the movie was nothing less than perfect. And that’s why i watched this one several times. I really adored the plot of the story and the work of Russell Crowe was exceptionally well also.

Since I have keen interest in the history of Ancient Rome as well, so I haven’t left a single thing that is based or somewhat linked with the same. And this was the reason also that I tried this online slot machine as it revolves around the same theme of gladiator or in other words you can also say that its thoroughly based on the same theme of arcade, fight, battle in a Colosseum.

This epic slot machine is a 5 reel, fifty pay line casino slots that is crafted by Micro gaming. As the name also indicates, this pokie features a Roman gladiator theme and where the players gets the option to bet up to ten coins on each line, with a maximum coin value of dollar 0.20. And apart from this this amazing pokie also offers a special feature as well that will let the player win up to hundred free spins.

And this tempting feature made me try this, because with the free spins you don’t have to worry about losing anything and the fun you will have while playing it would be a bonus. So you can say it’s certainly a win-win situation. With the free bonus codes I played pretty well and it gave me the confidence to go for the real money and I did the same to make some money as well.


Gladiator Slot Machine – The BetSoft Version

As you must have known that the gladiator is a pretty popular theme among the player and the online casino gaming companies as well. I am saying this as I have seen many companies have made their own slot with the same theme every now and then. The king of online casino makers the microgaming took the charge and made the first one with this ancient plot and there comes the betsoft version which added some extra feature and brought it to new level including the 3d play.

Today, I’ll be talking about my experience of playing the betsoft version of this epic slot and in have say that I am pretty impressed with amazing efforts they put in to this and brought it to a new level of gaming. I really liked the 3d animation effect. It is a 5 reel video pokie with thirty pay lines. And with the modern version the player get the feature of experiencing it in a 3d mode and can select anywhere from one to thirty individual bet lines per spin, or cover all at once by choosing bet max option in the menu.

So the moment arrived and I finally made the app download in my mobile phone to check this 3d slot machine. And when I played it, it felt really great. I mean the soundtrack and the graphics of the pokie seems so good that I didn’t felt while playing the other versions. This was such a real 3d to give the player the best gaming experience. After checking I decided to go for the real money version so I brought some credits through my PayPal account and started playing it with more concentration. But eventually I made some profit as well, but it was the gaming experience that really matters for me.


Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat

On this post I will talk about this vivacious casino slot that is filled with the most sexy mercenaries woman that are fighting against a drug dealer called hector and the story begin in the middle of a jungle, although the story line of this slot doesn’t have to anything with the way it is being played.

The reason behind that I tried this slot machine is purely the plot of the game. I mean you must have seen some other slot machine themes, where an blonde agent is trying to make the world a better place. But here with this slot I had the chance of playing with these amazing five super sexy mercenaries, who will help you win the game and eventually you also have the chance of making some real money as well.

So, in order to try the slot I first opted for the online version, where the player don’t have to download the game and he can start playing instantly to have fun at this amazing slot. But when I played it I find out that the online version has suppressed the quality of graphics and sound so I switched to the offline version and make the download of the app.

After making the download I found that there was this drastic difference between both the versions. When it comes to graphics and better experience the offline was far better than the online one and so I continued and went for the real money version and made some money out of it as well. it was really a nice experience would love to play this again in the spare time.